If you would like to change your payment method for your subscriptions you may do so from your account page.

1. Navigate to https://sitechisel.com/my-account

2. Login with your username and password. If you require a password reset you may also do that from this page

3. Once you are logged in, click on "Payment Methods"

4. Click "Add Payment Method"

5. Fill out your new payment information and click the button "Add payment method"

6. Once your new payment method is added you will be able to set the new card as your default, or remove inactive payment methods

7.  If you have any past due invoices, click on "My Subscriptions" from the left menu.

8. Scroll down to your past due subscription and click "Pay"

9. Select the payment method you would like to use, read and agree to the terms & conditions and click place order

Thank you for updating your payment method! If you require any assistance please feel free to submit a support ticket at anytime by emailing support@sitechisel.com or by logging into our support portal at http://support.sitechisel.com/support/login and create a ticket.